Could the t7200 be Right for Your Needs?

Motorola is a trusted electronics brand that creates phones, radios, and other products. One of the radios the company is known for the motorola t7200 radio. If you need a great two-way radio, this model could very well be right for your needs. It’s a customer favorite, includes great features and functions, and is sold at a reasonable price.


The two-way radio has awesome features that make communication much easier. It has a 5-mile transmit radius, which is considerably further than most other radios. This means you can go further in distance without losing communication. Other features that you will love include:

·    22 channels

·    NOAA weather channels

·    Hands-free capabilities

·    Eavesdropping reducer capabilities

The features here are among the many that create the attraction that so many people have to this radio. Add the reasonable price and it seals the deal. The radio is lightweight and easy to use, which are both important qualities you want in a two way radio. It’s also durable, so you can expect to enjoy many lasting years with the product.

Is it Guaranteed?

motorola t7200 radio

Motorola is a company known for quality products, no matter what it is they’ve made. They stand behind all the items they make, including this two-way radio. Yes, it includes a warranty but make sure that you fill out the warranty to validate it or you might be out of luck if a mishap occurs.

The Bottom Line

The t7220 is an amazing two-way radio that may very well be a great product to suffice your needs. It is affordable, sleek and stylish, and has great features, too.  Take a look at the product firsthand and you may discover that it more than meets your needs the same way that it has so many others already.